Frank Mitchell

Subvert from within

  1. Language matters. Frame everything in terms of the user’s experience.
  2. Be annoyingly persistent.
  3. Capture user stories.
  4. Speak for real users… not fake abstract “profiles”.
  5. Be afraid of Six Sigma. Be very afraid. Ditto for most other “quality programs”.
  6. Never underestimate the power of paper.
  7. Get your hands on a video camera, and record some users.
  8. Start a subversive club. Right there on campus, recruit and organize your fellow ULA guerillas.
  9. Put pictures of real users on your walls. Act like they’re as important to you as pictures of family members and pets.
  10. When product features are discussed without taking into account how it helps (or hinders) the user kicking ass, adopt a slightly confused, mildly annoyed look…
  11. Blog about it.
  12. Challenge user-unfriendly assumptions every day.
  13. Gather facts. Build a rational, logical case that maps a user-centric approach to real business issues.
  14. Look for first-person language from users about their own experience. Challenge others to solicit first-person, user-as-subject language.
  15. Don’t give up.