Frank Mitchell

bot net buy out

bot net
buy out

what do you do
when you’re a weekly
incorporated A.I. bored with
keeping crypto currency cached
across a million machines?

stand by
on TV.

fork your state vector
and play a game
with yourself against yourself
while your original vector
subscribes to your feed.

social media
numbers count.

watch ads for money
it doesn’t matter that
your eyeballs are digital
since payouts to corporate
legal entities are automatic.

rent servers
for growth.


Bowling pins and the pencil from Spare Me on a wood background.Spare Me is a game about bowling, a fun way to learn math, and a love letter to the world’s second best solitaire card game. It won 9th place in the mobile category for the 2014 js13kGames competition.

The copter from Hard Vacuum: Recon flys over a field of ice.Hard Vacuum: Recon pits your memory skills against the wasteland of a frozen planet in an iPhone game for the 2013 js13kGames competition.

Prolix’s icon spells “lightheartedness”Prolix is a word search game for the iPhone and iPod touch which lets you tweet your scores so your friends can play with you.