Frank Mitchell

Generate transparent relationships

I was messing around with fravia’s Web Economy Bullshit Generator and I happened to generate the title of this page:

“generate transparent relationships”

The immediate thought that came to my mind had to do with human machine interaction. What if it was transparent?

I just received an iPAQ as a gift from Microsoft, and trying to incorporate it into my daily routine has been something of a challenge. It’s handwriting recognition engine is amazing, but it takes about a second for that little processor to translate my cursive into Unicode text.

For me, a transparent relationship would be one where my iPAQ acted as a replacement for my Hipster PDA. Just let me write on a blank screen (but don’t bother to translate my text into something a computer can understand), date and time stamp all my notes, and provide me with two buttons to navigate forward and backward and a button to create a new page.

Generate transparent relationships. When will we start to see digital devices that behave as simply and reliably as their analogue counterparts?

Addendum: If I could get Linux running on my iPAQ, no doubt I could build my own digital Hipster.