Frank Mitchell

Adaptive Path's resolutions

One line thoughts for 2005

Taken from Adaptive Path’s list of new year’s resolutions, these are the byte sized versions of other people’s goals:

  1. “…create products and websites that express brand through their structure and function. By creating experiences that embody brand attributes, I resolve to increase the brand’s integrity.”

    Janice Fraser

  2. “…keep an eye out for cases when we’ve reached the limit of what we can learn from research and analysis, and to be unafraid to try out solutions that aren’t grounded in analytic rigor.”

    Jesse Garrett

  3. “…improve the quality of our deliverables so that they measure up to the quality of our thoughts; so that our clients can use them to accomplish great things.”

    Tim Gasperak

  4. “…forget about the hard sell, and to find partnerships that provide mutual value.”

    Laura Datta

  5. “…approach the user experience design of websites not as a matter of managing content, but as a matter of nurturing and maturing relationships.”

    Peter Merholz

  6. “…ask these questions with every site I work on: Have hay? Need hay?”

    Lane Becker

  7. “…make my examples more applicable to worldwide audiences.”

    Indi Young

  8. “…get up there and tell a good story, and give visuals only when it adds something.”

    Jeffrey Veen

  9. “…help foster a community of design management professionals.”

    Bryan Mason

Of course, you’ll get much more benefit if you read all of their resolutions (plus you’ll figure out what exactly number six means), but as ninety second sound bytes and quick reminders, these aren’t too bad. Seven and eight are especially important, especially for those of us who work primarily in a written media.