Frank Mitchell

King of the Road

He pulled up right beside me
In his ‘69 Camaro
Said, “Baby, you don’t know me
But you want to take a ride

In my '69 Camaro?
We’ll be crusin’. We’ll be groovin’,
And I’ll take you for a ride.”
How I wanted to sit beside him.

To be crusin’ and be groovin’
Feel that power underneath me.
Wanted to sit beside him,
So I got in the right side.

Felt that power underneath me,
As he eased the petal down.
Got my seat belt on the right side,
And we tore off through the town.

He pressed the petal down.
I asked him what his name was.
We went flying through the town,
And this is what he told me

When I asked him what his name was.
He said, “Baby, you donn’t know me.
I’ve been driving through these towns,
And I pulled up right beside you.

Take a guess at what my name is.
I’m just the king of the road.”