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Good ol' fan missions

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Threads of ideas

There’s a very interesting discussion taking place on the TTLG Thief Fan Missions forum at the moment. Vigil brought up the point that he’d recently replayed Lord Edmund Entertains, and it was a lot more fun than some of the new missions that have appeared recently.

The question is why?

Flawless introduction

“Dear Lady Bernhard,”

“The tenth annual meeting of our small society is at hand, and as usual, I will be acting as the host. I have fully stocked the pantry and prepared for your arrival to the best of my ability. I will be expecting you and Duke Creygan no later than noon on the tenth. We will celebrate with a feast and good wine before descending to my vault. Remember to keep your visit secret even from your closest friends. We do not want any uninvited guests.”

“I remain faithfully yours,”

“Lord Edmund.”