Frank Mitchell

Dear faithful readers

On the lack of recent updates

To make a long story short, my Movable Type system broke, and I’ve been searching for a replacement ever since. The much touted WordPress does not fit my needs, nor do any of the other solutions out there. Believe me, I have googled them all, and tried them all. Until TypeWorks comes out, I’m rolling my own.

Thus, I give you Elimossinary. A simplistic web publishing system designed to make my life a little easier. At the moment, only article publishing, comment adding, and RSS feed generating / auto discovering are supported. Archive browsing is the next item on my to do list.

Hmm… Apparently while putting Elimossinary together, I wrote a couple of recursive mod_rewrite rules, and so Modwest has suspended my access to my .htaccess files. Not cool, as it means I don’t get pretty URLs. Until I get that sorted out, updates can be viewed in the ususal place, and my RSS feed is accessable someplace else.

Because the system is still in beta (especially the comments via email), don’t be surprised if things change suddenly over the next few days.